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Squeegee Pro is an Orange County, Calif.-based residential and commercial window cleaning company that also offers power washing, gutter cleaning and mini-blind cleaning.

Like many small companies with a fleet of remote mobile workers, Squeegee Pro was unable to track vital information such as vehicle location; the amount of time spent on a job, travelling between jobs and idling; the best route to take; whether vehicles were being driven safely; and when they would show up at a job.

We simply had no effective way to track crews, explains Elizabeth Meehan, Squeegee Pro manager. Our only direct link was to telephone our crews, which isnt the wisest decision when they are in the field washing windows and working with water. And of course we didnt want them fumbling for their cell phone when they were up on a ladder.

When customers asked when a cleaning crew would arrive, Meehan was put in an embarrassing position.

The only way to locate a crew was to call them, but we hesitated to do this for safety reasons. Also, California has strict laws about talking on cell phones without hands-free devices, so if I called a crew in their vehicle they often didnt answer.

The inability to track its crews also affected Squeegee Pros bottom line. With gasoline priced between $3 and $4 a gallon, fuel costs are a major expense. Adding to this expense are factors such as speeding, idling, poor route choice and unauthorized use of company vehicles.

For example, if a fleet of five vehicles idles one hour a daywhether in traffic or driver behaviorthe yearly idling cost is $7,200 based on gas costing $4 a gallon.

Speeding increases maintenance costs, fleet insurance premiums, fuel expenses and liability if there is an accident. Speeding, combined with rapid starts and stops, also burns more fuel and wastes money. Research shows driving at lower speeds can save up to 14% in gasoline consumption.

One proven method for increasing fleet efficiency and productivity while lowering operating costs is a fleet GPS tracking system. In the past, these systems were so expensive only large companies could afford them.

Fortunately, several companies now offer such systems for smaller companies.

The LiveViewGPS vehicle tracking solution

When Squeegee Pro made the commitment to install a GPS fleet tracking system, Elizabeth Meehan spent considerable time carefully evaluating different systems from different companies.

After comparing features, benefits, ease of use, price and potential return on investment, she selected the Live Trac G5 Vehicle Tracking System from LiveViewGPS of Valencia, Calif. This next-generation live vehicle tracking system features 10-second vehicle tracking along with a highly sensitive GPS receiver that works where other GPS trackers fail.

Equally important is how easy it was to install and use the system. The state-of-the-art web-based Live Trac GPS Vehicle Tracking System is integrated with Microsofts Virtual Earth Mapping system, permitting Squeegee Pro to locate all vehicles 24/7 from a GPS-enabled computer screen, cell phone or iPad. Now the company can:

Watch vehicles turn-by-turn live, including current speed, direction and location

Group vehicles by region

Receive speed and boundary alerts, which are automatically text messaged to any e-mail address or cell phone

Obtain over a dozen reports such as start/stop reports, vapor trail reports, route alerts, ignition alert, aggressive driving, excessive idling and more

Weve been using the G5 tracking system for over a year, and I wish wed gotten it sooner, Meehan says. Now we can monitor our entire fleet with just the click of a mouse. Its such a valuable tool, I cant imagine operating our business without it.

The system has definitely helped improve our business efficiency in a variety of ways, from saving fuel to customer service. Its also a great tool for us to make sure our guys are safe while theyre driving and on the job.

GPS vehicle tracking benefits

Squeegee Pro routinely makes use of the GPS vehicle trackers live data and reports to increase their fleets efficiency. By monitoring fuel usage, job costing and overtime, theyve improved the companys operation efficiency. Determining the best routes also helps Squeegee Pro maximize productivity, which means they can often add another job or two during the day, which adds to their bottom line.

Equally important, customer satisfaction has also increased.

Customers often call, wanting to know when our crew will arrive, Meehan notes. While the customer is on the phone I can look at the screen, watch the vehicle live and tell the customer our crews exact location and when to expect them. We were never able to do that before.

When drivers are aware their company uses GPS tracking, they are less likely to deviate from their planned route. As a result, moonlighting, personal or unauthorized vehicle use, false or exaggerated time sheets, late workday starts and excessive lunch breaks are significantly reduced or eliminated. In fact, studies show that drivers are nearly 100 times less likely to break the rules when they know theyre being tracked and held accountable.

We went 10 years without something like this, but I cant imagine running the business without it now, asserts Paul Slaney, Squeegee Pro operations manager. I like the system because it shows how long a crew spends on a particular job, which helps me with pricing and scheduling.

The system is surprisingly cost effective and definitely pays for itself. It also improves the quality of our customer service, makes office and labor management much easier and keeps drivers from speeding, which reduces our insurance rates.

Many companies report they recoup the cost of the Live Trac G5 GPS Vehicle Tracking system and monthly fee in just a few months. The return on investment (ROI) is fast.

LiveViewGPS G5 Vehicle Tracking System is absolutely worth every penny, and the monthly fee is not expensive at all, Meehan concludes. It basically keeps everybody happy: management, crews and especially our customers.


About the Author: Located in Southern California, LiveViewGPS is a location-based service (LBS) company that provides wireless location products and services for Fortune 100 companies; small businesses; federal, state and local government agencies; law enforcement and family safety. Its GPS tracking devices include vehicle and fleet-tracking systems, asset trackers, trailer tracking systems, surveillance monitoring tools, people tracking devices and GPS asset protection equipment. Products are backed by knowledgeable sales and technical representatives to ensure users purchase the right systems that will work flawlessly. For more information, for a free demo or to place an order, visit

or telephone 888-544-0494.


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Fuel Cards Control Drivers Expenses


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Fuel cards are payment cards for diesel, petrol and other fuels at filling stations. Therefore, A diesel card or a petrol card is also known as a fuel card. Now-a-days, the expenses of drivers are too much in purchasing fuels which is bothering companies too. Rapid increase in the prices of fuels has become a major problem for all.

To minimize this burden of expense, Ireland has found a solution and that is the proper usage of diesel cards or fuel cards. This is the best way to manage and control your expenses for fuel. You can get an excellent quality of petrol and diesel in Ireland at affordable rates. Below are several reasons for and against the use of petrol cards and Diesel cards in Ireland.

Advantages of a Diesel Card/ Petrol Card in Ireland Over Credit Card

Heavy discount on fuel prices

Diesel cards in Ireland help to reduce drivers expenses

You can use your card to access all the site networks throughout Ireland

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No need to give cash to drivers

Provides fraud prevention

Increased security

Getting Itemized invoicing showing details such as time, date, quantity, vehicle registration etc. to reduce the costs

E-Billing also offered. Get your invoice through email

Online account management is easy and free of charge. So, you can save time

Good for both small as well as large fleet operators

Weekly pricing is fixed that makes it very cheap and convenient.

Invoices are VAT approved

Diesel fleet fuel cards have smart chips to prevent cloning, control volumes and transactions per day or week. It also controls the number of times incorrect pin entries are allowed

Smart chip technology also helps in customizing the filling patterns

Offers of reward schemes

Fleet efficiency and MPG reporting

Minimize administration time via management tools

Minor Disadvantages of Diesel Card/ Petrol Card

Diesel card cancellation/ stopping periods can sometimes be longer

Credit periods are usually shorter

Monthly or Annual card provision charge sometimes applied

These disadvantages are minor so can be avoided and can make the use of fuel cards to make your business cost effective by deducting the extra expenses. is a leading fuel cards company, offers different types of Company

Fuel Cards

, Diesel Card, Fleet Cards, Texaco Fast

Fuel Card

& Petrol Cards in the UK. Apply online for Business fuel cards and save money on fuel.

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