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Researchers Scrambling To Decisively Find A Cure For Hepatitis C


Noe MacLean

One of the more common reasons for liver damage is .

What is you might ask? It is a liver disease caused by infection by a virus.

What Causes Hepatitis C?

is transmitted from person to person by infected blood. It is more common in people that were born from nineteen forty-five and nineteen sixty-five. Additional risk factors for include:

– Sharing needles while injecting illegal substances

– Using unsanitary equipment while applying a tattoo or body piercing

– Infection from contact with infectious blood products, needles or other unsterilized equipment. This is most prevalent among doctors or nurses

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– Receiving a blood transfusion prior to Nineteen ninety-two

– Sex with many companions while not utilizing condoms

– Prior sexually transmitted diseases

– Individuals who have been diagnosed with AIDS or HIV

It should be noted that it is not easy to spread to other people. Simple people contact, a kiss, sneezing or coughing, eating with someone\’s fork or infant feeding do not spread the infection.

Symptoms of Hepatitis C

Many people that are infected with don\’t show any signs or symptoms. In fact HCV may be found 10-20 years after you have first been infected with the virus. However, those who do experience symptoms attributed to often believe they are coming down with the flu. These signs may be:

Extreme tiredness

Muscle soreness

Joint pain

Elevated temperature

Poor appetite or nausea

Stomach pain

Skin irritation and itching

Dark-colored urine

Yellow skin or eyes

HEP C Diagnosis

If you\’ve been told you have , it\’s beneficial not to panic. A multitude of medications are available to fight HCV and even to get rid of HCV permanently. Make certain to talk about treatment choices with your doctor as well as two newer drugs that have been approved by the FDA in the last several years.

In some cases, may become a chronic disease that clears up on its own and then comes back over and over. can result in additional complications including liver cirrhosis. In addition can increase your risk for cancer of the liver or failure of the liver down the road. It is important to get a test for when risk factors are realized in order to begin treating your disease and prevent anymore liver damage.

Can Hepatitis C Be Cured?

The American Liver Foundation provides information about the symptoms of hepatitis c.To view extra details about our firm visit the site here…

American Liver Foundation

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How a Plastic Surgeon Can Help Achieve Beauty


Anna Woodward

Any plastic surgeon will admit that the procedures they do should not be the beginning or end of any aesthetic maintenance regimen. In other words, there are topical solutions and lifestyle amendments that can produce two very helpful impacts on the skin and condition of the body. The care that patients takes at home can improve skin quality for reduced scaring and produce a sleeker silhouette from the implementation of an effective diet and fitness routine. First, cosmetic surgeons know that a patient has the power to override DNA to help their cosmetic procedure look its best for as long as possible. And they also know that patients have the power to undo all of that time and effort as well. So many plastic surgeon offices provide each patient with tools and tips to have the safest and most successful surgery possible from preparation to aftercare and follow up appointments during the healing process.

This is why a plastic surgeon will suggest several ways that a patient can preserve his or her skin and maintain their body for life let alone between procedures. First, it may seem as though it is common knowledge to moisturize, but the application of effective moisturizers and hydration from within are essential to the health of one\’s skin. Whether a person has dry, combination, or oily skin, each type needs a lotion or cream to aid in moisture balance throughout the day. And they cannot leave out sun block for outdoor sun exposure, which can be damaging each time (depending upon the time of day and duration of time spent outside). Proper hydration throughout the day with at least 8 glasses of water is important throughout one\’s life not just when trying to improve the condition of the skin. The skin, however, will need specialized care every once in a while. After all, it is the largest organ of the human body so when it is blotchy, flaky or loosing elasticity to lumping and dimples, something must be done from the inside out to repair it. And when all is said and done for the helpful moisturizing and hydrating steps then it is time to take a look at lifestyle obstacles that are preventing a patient from the getting and keeping the body they deserve.

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On one end of the spectrum of bad lifestyle practices is smoking which everyone understands to be a damaging habit. It impedes circulation and the flow of oxygenated blood to extremities and wounds. At the other end of the spectrum is a repetitive lack of sleep, as in three or more nights a week every week. Everyone thinks it\’s common and it will eventually get better. But just like it took some effort to create bad habits it will take some effort to create healthier habits. Any cosmetic surgery patient can guarantee success of their procedures if they decide to abandon the habits that prevent a good night\’s rest, that created the habit of smoking, or that created the activities that have caused them to gradually re-gain weight. That same person can make the effort to speak with a plastic surgeon for a revision, speak with a personal trainer, or speak with a dietician and life coach to help them get back on track to a healthier body, with a lifetime plan.

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