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Patterned Concrete Company are the experts when you are wanting superior paving products. Our company has been given the seal and endorsment of FairTrades that is earn by providing outstanding contractor service to customers.

So if your looking for some information and a contractor that can help you with evrything from block paving, concrete paving, driveway paving and block paving sealers for your home Patterned Concrete Company is pleased to serve you. Here are some answers to many of the common questions people have about paving and pavers.

Why block paving? – Block paving is very flexible and can be used most anywhere. It’s very durable and last for year after year. It’s easy to work with and offers an outstanding look on most any walk ways or paths and especially on patios. Today even airports and other commercial business are using block paving because it is rapidly becoming popular for its ability to with stand heavy loads.

Why concrete pavers? Pavers are the perfect solution for cold weather environments, they differ from asphalt because pavers are practically maintenance-free and do not need to be replaced or sealed regularly. In fact pavers when installed properly will never even crack. The compressive strength of concrete pavers is around 3 times stronger than regular concrete and has about an eight thousand PSI.

Why concrete paving? Concrete paving typically will not groove or wash out under heavy loads or extreme heat during summers or in cities at busy intersections where often cars can create hot temperatures waiting to move. Concrete paving helps cities lower repair cost due to its long lasting qualities. Typically Concrete offers really low

Maintenance, saving a lot of repair dollars.

Why driveway paving? Concrete is a very durable surface. It is also more expensive than asphalt. However, if it does not crack within the first year, then you likely will have a driveway that will last most of your life.

Cracking is always more prevalent in northern climates where material is forced through the freeze thaw cycle. Inevitably, cracks will occur. Expansion joints placed in the concrete help reduces cracks. Also, wire mesh or rebar placed into the concrete will provide additional strength.

You can also add a little style to your concrete drive by coloring the concrete or stamping it with patterns. This, of course, drives the price up a bit.

Why driveway block paving? Pavers come in dozens of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Pavers are also commonly referred to as paving stones, pave stones, and interlocking paving stones. Each paving stone project can be customized to combine your choice of different colors and laying patterns to create exactly what you want.

We supply block paving sealer; block paving sealers products and must be reapplied regularly. However, the life span is usually about 3 to 5 years but its well worth applying block paving sealer because it resist stains and helps you avoid having to spend time killing weeds and grass that will pop up by and binding the sand in the joints to make it difficult for weeds to germinate.Patterned Concrete Company

, offers guide for

concrete paving and driveway block paving

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supply block paving sealer


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